The 21st century and The Big Apple seem to have come head to head when it comes to real estate. Technology has been given a new lease on the way real estate deals take place and that has been especially apparent in New York City — the real estate hub of the world. A venture capital fund outfit has opened up new digs in Manhattan and PropTech Place aims to be the center of all things tech-related to property with a view to helping the city continue to break record growth in terms of real estate.

The CEO of the company said technology devoted to all things real estate needed a home base — a place leaders could head to when they need inspiration. He hopes PropTech Place will be the choice for go-getters in the real estate industry — as well as New Yorkers in general — to go when they’re searching for leading real estate innovations when it comes to technology. The company already has plans to add an additional 10,000 square feet to the facility.

PropTech Place is also home to three educational exhibits. Visitors are welcome to check out History of PropTech, Tomorrow’s PropTech and Today’s PropTech. The latter features live piloting of up to 12 current  technologies relating to real estate.

New York City is a veritable mecca of real estate deals. Contracts are being inked every hour. With the kind of money on the line in most of the deals, seeking out an attorney’s keen experience is always necessary not only to ensure all contracts are in keeping with the law, but that a client’s best interests are looked after.