Dementia-Friendly Dining Debuts at Florida Restaurant

Monday’s Motivation What a fabulous idea: a Florida restaurant has debuted a dementia-friendly dining experience. Once a week, the restaurant hosts an evening catered to individuals with dementia and their caretakers: I love this novel way of addressing the isolation that those with dementia [...]

2020-03-25T00:35:37-04:00January 27th, 2020|Firm News|

Company Creates Shoes with GPS Trackers to Keep Alzheimer’s Patients Safe

Friday’s Food for Thought: For families impacted by Alzheimers, these newly invented shoes – which include a GPS tracker – could be a useful tool, but the article also raises interesting ethical concerns:  What are you thoughts on using a device like this to prevent a loved one with [...]

2020-03-25T00:36:13-04:00January 24th, 2020|Elder Law, Firm News|

What is Probate?

Wednesday’s Wisdom:   If you’ve heard the term “probate” before but aren’t sure what that *really* means, check out this article for short & simple explanation of probate:   *While we find this article to be a helpful introduction to the concept of [...]

Use Caution When Signing & Dating Important Documents in 2020

Friday’s Food for Thought- Happy New Year, all! As we start both a new year and new decade, here’s a helpful hint to bear in mind when signing & dating legal documents: Rather than simply abbreviating the year as “20”, make sure to write out [...]

Advance directives for hospice care

The final stages of a terminal illness can be an emotionally charged time for patients and their loved ones. Hospice care is a program designed for those who have a terminal illness with six months or less to live. Rather than trying to cure a [...]

2020-03-25T00:17:04-04:00November 29th, 2019|Firm News|
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