Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable groups in society. Elder law in New York is in place to protect these vulnerable individuals, but there are things family members can do to protect their loved ones from abusive situations whether they’re financial, physical or emotional. The fact is, there is abuse happening in many long-term care facilities and family members can educate themselves on the signs that their loved one may be on the receiving end of abuse from caregivers in nursing homes and other assisted living residences.

The prime objective of many nursing homes is to generate a profit, and sadly, giving compassionate care is not high on the agenda of some of these homes. This leaves residents open to abusive employees and even other residents who may act out physically. Nursing homes are known to cut costs, which may further escalate the problem since there are likely not enough employees to see to the needs of residents on a regular basis.

Family members may be able to thwart abuse by having regular meetings with nursing home managers. It is important, too, to ask loved ones about their living situations in these facilities and to allay any fears that they may suffer repercussions for telling the truth. Family members must make it known that they will not tolerate their senior loved one being abused or neglected.

A New York attorney experienced in elder law may be able to help a client whose family member may be suffering from an abusive situation at the hands of caretakers. There are many legal remedies to combat elder abuse. A lawyer may be able to help a client to protect his or her elderly loved one from suffering in negative situations involving abuse.