Kathleen O.

“Thank you ladies so very, very much for your kind assistance in the sale of this property! You made it so easy, and at all times it felt as though I was in such very good hands. You set the benchmark high in the service you provide! Being your client was an extraordinary experience, and I both thank you and congratulate you on that! You’ve created a culture of excellence at Meier Law. That is quite an accomplishment.

Have a good summer!

Maryanne, Albany County

My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased with the legal services provided by Christina Meier, both during recent real estate transactions and with our complicated estate planning. Several years ago, she wrote a relatively simple will for us, but this past year, our needs had changed, so we approached her again. Christina guided us through the legal maze and worked with our certified public accountant and financial planner to come up with a very satisfying plan: multi-generational and individualized to meet our every impulse. She was so patient and so knowledgeable. Because she was able to lay out our options and their ramifications, we were able to identify more easily what we wanted. We have also seen Christina operate in challenging situations. She is always kind and professional, and most importantly, she never loses track of what is important: representing her client with clarity and integrity. M.A., Albany

John and Kristy, Schenectady County

Ms. Meier handled our estate planning, and also represented us when we purchased a new home. We are very satisfied with everything she’s done for us. In particular, we greatly appreciate all the work she put into helping us with our recent house purchase, especially since we encountered several problems along the way. First the bank made an error in some of the paper work. Then, during the septic inspection, it was discovered that the leach field needed to be replaced. On the heels of that, the survey showed that a neighbor’s fence was encroaching quite a bit over the property line. And finally, once all of these problems were fixed to our satisfaction, without our having to expend any additional money, the sellers wanted to remain in the house past the end of the contract, to the point we were going to lose the mortgage rate we’d locked in. Ms. Meier didn’t let this happen! Through it all, Ms. Meier persevered and handled each situation professionally, and never once lost her cool! We highly recommend Ms. Meier to handle real estate, estate planning, or any other legal matters you might have! In fact we’re having her handle the sale of our old house now as well!

Camille, Schenectady County

My Husband and I had a phenomenal experience working with Christina with the purchase of our first home. She was very thorough, professional, answered all of our questions, and went above and beyond to ensure that we had the best experience. We would highly recommend her services to anyone!

Dave and Sandra, Schenectady County

Ms. Meier (Christina) was invaluable in helping us to revise our wills and to establish revocable trusts that will protect our assets for our children. She was timely, thorough, and very knowledgeable in handling our rather complex estate plans. She collaborated with tax professionals to ensure that our heirs will pay minimal estate taxes. Additionally, she provided sound counsel regarding some aspects of our wills and trusts, suggesting options we had not considered, which will benefit our heirs; and she was sensitive to our concerns for balance in the bequests to the adult children of our blended family. It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Meier (Christina). We have the utmost trust and confidence in her expertise, and we recommend her highly.